About us

Digital Parakeet provides digital and social media marketing and training services to organisations, specialising in B2B and regulated markets. We founded the company to help B2B companies thrive in an online world, combining our decades of experience in digital, social and content in the financial and professional services.

Luisa Reynolds

Charlie on Luisa:

Luisa Reynolds

Luisa was my enterprise contact at LinkedIn. We must have got on well from the beginning and over time this client relationship thing grew to the point we were spending ages on the phone quoting W1A at each other and indulging a mutual appreciation of gin at every opportunity - I think we both knew that wasn’t particularly normal!

When Luisa told me she was leaving LinkedIn we were on the phone for an hour talking business ideas. That should have been a sign!

We share a similar sense of humour but we've got really different skill sets, and that's why I think we work well together. Lu is a bit of a superwoman really, juggling family life, work and being a really good runner, all of which I am really envious of, and I’m just really proud to know her.

Charlie Eastabrook

Luisa on Charlie:

Charlie Eastabrook

Charlie and I have known each other for over three years, she was actually a client of mine at Santander when I worked at LinkedIn. From the offset I enjoyed working with her and I knew we’d get on!

Her ability to combine working hard but not taking herself too seriously and injecting fun and humour into our day job was a key factor in deciding to work together. Charlie has bags of experience as an ex journalist, copywriter, and over 10 years of social media experience in companies such as EY and most recently Santander. This one knows her onions!

Charlie is also a seriously good swimmer, she teaches swimming and swims rivers, lakes and seas in her spare time. She is also a vegan which means we also specialise in hunting down good local vegan cafes!

I’m incredibly lucky to be working with such an experienced and talented gal!

Why Parakeet?

We chose the name Digital Parakeet because we are both based in south London, where it seems like the bright and bold ring-necked parakeets are taking over.