Our services

With our shared backgrounds in finance, professional services and general B2B, we offer a variety of digital marketing solutions, training and management, but we particularly specialise in helping organisations succeed in social media.

Traditionally, social has been seen as the preserve of B2C, and many agencies can offer services on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We can do the same, but our platform expertise extends to LinkedIn as well. Luisa even worked at LinkedIn, so we can truly say we know the platform inside out!

Find out more about what we could do for you below and if you don't see what you need here, contact us to ask about a bespoke solution.

Social media training

If your organisation needs a workshop on using LinkedIn or any other platform more effectively, to build the presence of your brand or your people, we can come to you and train your team. We have different packages available for various group sizes, and can help your team from starting out on social to building engaging content calendars. Contact us with your requirements for our tailor-made recommendation.

Content Creation

We can take the stress out of social by providing content for you to share on your channels. This could be for a new product, ongoing service or even posts for your leaders to share. With our professional writers and a decade of social media content creation experience, you’re in great hands.

Social media management

Don't have the resource to look after the social channels in-house, or just don't want to? No problem! We can keep your channels fresh and functional on an on-going basis if that’s what you need. We’ll make sure all your content is totally compliant and approved by you, and scheduled at optimal times to build your reach.

Social media marketing

Today social media is noisy and brands find their organic content is strangled by mysterious algorithms. We can help you reach the right people, at the right time, on the right platform for your audience with our years of experience in paid-for social media marketing.

Content strategy and channel audit

This is for you if you’ve got the channels, but don't know what to say. We can help you by auditing your current content and channels, then creating a calendar of content to suit your business aims. We’ll help you come up with ideas and make the most of your internal expertise to build engaging content. We can deliver this as a workshop to help you learn how to do this for yourselves, or as an ongoing project to ensure you have fresh content and are making the most of your content every month.

Digital advertising

As well as social media we can provide a multi-channel strategy with display ads and Google Adwords to help boost your search to the right audiences.

SEO and paid search

Search is everything when it comes to awareness and consideration. We can offer a search and keyword strategy to help build your organic search ranking, and recommend a paid for campaign to complement this.

Copywriting and ghostwriting

To support your content strategy and thought leadership ambitions, we can create blogs, posts and web content tailored to you, written in your corporate style and in your tone of voice for a seamless ghostwriting service.

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